Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hi There!

So, basically, I'm a terrible blogger!

That's the truth!!

However, I am thinking of changing this blog's focus to dairy free/soy free.....BUT NOT GLUTEN FREE!!!!!!!

You would be amazed how hard this combo is....all these years I have been doing gluten free....but when you want to add a little gluten, they add it all!!!

I'm also avoiding beef and pork and of course shellfish.

So, there you have my random nutshell...


(That means I might blog within the next!)

Thursday, February 21, 2013

February 21, 2013

Well, I pretty much fail at consistent blogging!!!!

We are in the middle of the school year and a busy time.  Our weekday schedules involve much running around in the afternoons and evenings and leave very little time for meal preparation.

Sometimes, I make a meal in the crockpot for after swimming, which is about 7:30.

Other times, when people are everywhere in the evening, it's "every man for himself", which some are better at than others.  Last night was one such night.  I like to have a lot of eggs and cheese around for those who are so inclined.  Also, I like to have  a lot of fresh veggies and fruit.

Last nights dinner looked something like this:

Jerry:  Egg and cheese omelette,  turkey bacon, sandwich thin, mango

Joy:  Um, not sure, she was at a track meet and school, so I'm thinking apples and granola bars...

Noel:  Same as Joy, only switch out the apples for oranges and add yogurt

Dan:  Same as Noel and Joy, only I think he probably waited until Joy was at class and ate at work.  My guess is cereal.

Grandma:  Tuesday night leftovers (which were fabulous, crockpot chicken fajitas!)

Mom:  Fresh Veggies and Hummus, Mango (shared with Jerry)

So, nothing fancy, just plain simple eating.  :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Well, I'm at day 11.  Don't even know what we had in the past 10 posts, but, we had "White Chili" today.  However, I didn't have white corn, so I used yellow corn.  Also, I threw it all in the crock pot and took off for a run, so it didn't get stirred, so there were a few chucks of cheese.   However, it was still great over brown rice.

The ingredients in today's pot include:
From the freezer:  1/2 of can of chick breast meat (it was a Sam's sized can)
                            chicken or turkey stock (not sure which since I hadn't marked it)
                            northern beans that I had cooked a few days back and froze
Then, about a cup of coffee mate dried creamer creamer and garlic powder.
About a cup of cheese:  some mozzerella and some white queso cheese
I added seasonings:  salt, new orleans seasoning, pepper, garlic

I had rice that I made yesterday that I warmed and we had the chili over rice.  Quite delicious!

Here's a little post from a message I responded back to a friend about gluten free cooking:

Sure, I have started a blog, and I'm at day 11.  But, I haven't been very consistent.  However, I have a lot of experience with cooking gluten free and would love to help in any way I can.

It seems overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be and it becomes easier with time and because there are so many products out there.

We don't buy a lot of processed gluten free food, but make most of ours.  That being said, I have never really mastered homemade gluten free pasta.  So, I purchase that.  Our preference is pasta made from corn as it is the most like regular pasta.  The other pastas often contain rice and get mushy.  We under cook them, when we are faced with using them to help avoid that problem.

Rice and potatoes are great things to build a meal around and if you use brown rice, rather healthful.

 One has to be careful with condiments; such as soy sauce, ketchup, salad dressings, to make sure they do not have wheat.

Also, you have to be very careful with products that are made with corn and other gluten free things, to make sure they don't contain wheat in them.  Wheat flour is often used to dust products.

Another thing to watch is make up and envelopes which sometimes have wheat in them.

I have lots of recipes, but the internet is full of great recipes for cooking just about everything gluten free.

The secret is not to give up if it doesn't turn out, you know, try, try again!  When we first discovered Joy could eat wheat, I tried to use a regular, non-gluten free recipe for making cake or bread and ended up reinventing rubber. :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012


I forgot to have dinner tonight, at least until now, but, I had tastes at Sam's and it distracted me from dinner.  Also, everyone was going their own way tonight, and I had a productive evening:
Went to Sam's club, got much of Thanksgiving dinner prep. Came home, milled 20 pounds of rice into flour, also made potato flour, almond meal and quinio flour. Made 4 small pumpkin bread loafs and rice yeast bread.

I'm looking forward to getting the rest of the flours in order so I don't have to make such "ricey" gluten free bread. But, I forgot how good this recipe was. I haven't liked the box mixes, so, time to go homemade again! I think I even found a good cinamon roll recipe to use!

So, I don't know what day today is on the count, but, dinner was a "non-dinner".  Okay, I looked it up, day 13 :D!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 10 and 11!

Okay, it's not really Day 10 and Day 11.  I was right to not promise consecutive days!  I know myself at least that well!!

But, last night, after Jerry's swim meet (yes, another meet), I quickly made fish, veggies and rice, and tofu.  It was rather good.

I had purchased a couple of bags of frozen brown rice on clearance, had a package of yellow squash, an onion, and a carrot.  I "sauted" in water the onion, then added the carrot.  After a while, I added the rice and squash, together with a little olive oil and gluten free soy sauce that I just picked up at the Asian market ($2.99 for a large bottle!) 

While that was cooking, I put some frozen polluck fillets, coated in ranch dressing, in the microwave, on high, for 6 minutes. 

While the fish was in the microwave and the veggies and rice "sauting", I sliced some tofu.  I dipped it in ranch dressing, then dredged it through a concoction of coconut flour, salt and garlic powder.  Then I put it in a skilled with a little olive oil and browned the sides. 

After I was done with the tofu, I took the fish from the microwave, put it through the coconut flour mix, and put it on the pan to finish cooking. 

It was all delicious, and took about 20 minutes of total prep and pan clean up time before we ate.
This picture is of today's leftovers, to which I added some fresh pineapple.


DAY  11!!

Today, since we basically ate at the meet, I made homemade gluten free flat bread and turkey and cheese sandwiches!  They were marvelous and if all gluten free products tasted that good, I would switch myself!!! 

Here's a picture, combined with homemade pumkin seeds! 


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 9

I have been collecting the ends of homemade gluten free bread that have outlived their "freshness" in the freezer.  Today, Jerry had a swim meet, so I assembled the ingredients last night for:

Gluten Free Caramel Apple/Almond French Toast Bake.

On the ingredients, besides the bread, it has 4 eggs, 1 cup of coffee mate cream, 2 apples,
about 1/2 cup sliced apples and about 1/4 cup sugar free caramel flavoring. 
I baked it at 350 degrees for 30 minutes covered and 20 minutes uncovered. 
Served hot or cold with some sugar free maple syrup (although caramel sauce
would have been good too). 

The verdict?  Jerry and I LOVED it, but not Noel so much.  Others either didn't say or didn't have it.

I liked it enough to make again.  I'll make sure Jerry is home for that one.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

DAY 8!!!

Hi there!  Just a quick note in passing on last nights dinner.  Nothing fancy, but, it
was "Stuffed Potatoes"  and everyone LOVES them.

The picture is pretty self-explanitory:

Oh yeah, fresh pineapple and carrots and celery.

By the way, here's my helpful tip for the day:  Always try to have on hand potatoes; red, white and sweet.  Also, try to have on hand bags of brown rice and several kinds of pasta.  With these as a base, I can almost always construct some kind of healthy meal, albeit simple sometimes, but nontheless healthy.