Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day 3 - Out and about

Okay.  Today I'm just posting a quick post.  Today was senior day for Embry Riddle's Women's Soccer team.  The game was at 1 and the families walked the seniors out unto the field.  We left the house at 11.

SO......what does that mean for cooking?!!!

Well, at 9:30ish, I put 8 white potatoes, and 6 sweet potatoes on to cook in the convection oven.  (This is a rather new item to me that I am still experimenting with, but I do like it for making potatoes quickly!)  Then, everyone was left to their own as to which kind of potato and how they wanted to fix it.  (I had coffee still, so, I made mine with sweet-n-low, cinnamon, and slice almonds.  If was wonderful.)

Not that you really need a picture of potatoes, but here it is:

Our "real" dinner was complements of Cracker Barrel:

So, nothing fancy at home, but, the potatoes held us until dinner.

Well, I'm off to bed.....

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