Thursday, October 25, 2012

DAY 5 & 6

I'm so glad I told you all up front that I would post about everyday's dinner, but not necessarily everyday!  Evenings around here can be quite busy and rushed.  On most afternoons, Noel and Joy have cross country practice, I pick another girl up from school, while waiting for her, Jerry and I do some of his school in the pick up line, we take her home, pick up Noel and Joy, change and then head in another direction for a 20 minute drive to Jerry's swim practice.  I try to run while he swims.  Then back home to have dinner.  On Tuesday nights, we have company, so this adds a little in the challenge.  (We have dubbed Tuesday nights "crock pot night" but more on that another day.

Well, back to Day 5 & 6.  Tuesday was Day 5.  My brother graciously offered to take Jerry to swimming, so, I had more time to think about dinner.  But, I had already planned a pasta night since the kids had a districts the next day and pasta is always good the couple of days before a cross country meet.

Cooking pasta in our house means 3 different pans of pasta and careful attention that there is not cross contamination.  (For those of you who are not gluten free, a Celiac can get sick from a spoon that has stirred a pot with wheat type noodles that then stirs those noodles.  I once had to throw an entire pot away when I did this.  SO, how I handle this now is to have the kind of spoons that can stay in pots and I put one in each pot.  That way, there is no reason to take the spoon out.  Also, I cook gluten free on one side of the stove and non-gluten free on the other side to avoid splashing water into the gluten free pans when working with the pasta.

Noel especially, and I'm moving myself to this, are following the "Wheat Belly" book's suggestions and only using Eincorn Wheat when we eat wheat products.  Otherwise, Noel is completely gluten free (and his skin has improved markedly in just over 2 weeks!!!!!!).  My mom prefers white or tri-colored pasta and is allergic to wheat.  Here's what I made:

For sauce, Joy and I only eat ground turkey, not ground beef, so I usually have some frozen ground turkey that I can quickly thaw and cook.  I added some sweet onion, chopped fresh garlic, oregano and salt.  Then I always have a big can of tomato sauce from Sam's club around.  This time, I used one of the containers of it I had frozen, so I thawed it first in the microwave and added it to the meat.  (This is what I use for all my red sauces, from pizza to rice dishes to pastas.  It's super inexpensive under $3, and I usually get 3 - 5 meals from it, depending on what I make.)  I have conceded to purchasing alfredo sauce from Sam's club as well and it cost less than $2/jar, so, not horrible.  Here's the pictures of the jars:

We had salad on the side and another berry crisp, since I had left over berries from Vince's birthday.  Judi brought the salad, so it came with all the fixin's!   Yum!!!

This brings me to Day 6.  On Day 6, we had leftovers!  I made 2 of each of the pastas and made extra sauce.  We had the cross country meet, so, people ate when they could!  I LOVE PASTA.

Oh...and a preview of Day 7.....I think it will have to be pasta again since it is National Pasta Day!!!!!!

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