Friday, October 26, 2012

Day 7 Recap...National Pasta Day!   Yes, pasta again!

A quick description:
Our 3 kinds of pasta:  Gluten Free, Einkorn, and tri-
Red sauce
Alfredo sauce
Mild cheddar cheese
Romaine lettuce
Sliced Almonds

Except for the Alfredo, this sat out on the table from lunchtime, 1:00 until after dinner, 8:30.
The cheese had to be replenished, but, since we all go a lot of directions most weekdays, this
was an effective way to feed everyone.  There is no meat, and the cheese does not spoil that
fast (or in our case, doesn't last that long).

Oh, I made homemade pineapple coconut water for the first time.  It turned out pretty good.  When
I have exact measurements, and am really satisfied with the results, I'll post the recipe.

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