Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 10 and 11!

Okay, it's not really Day 10 and Day 11.  I was right to not promise consecutive days!  I know myself at least that well!!

But, last night, after Jerry's swim meet (yes, another meet), I quickly made fish, veggies and rice, and tofu.  It was rather good.

I had purchased a couple of bags of frozen brown rice on clearance, had a package of yellow squash, an onion, and a carrot.  I "sauted" in water the onion, then added the carrot.  After a while, I added the rice and squash, together with a little olive oil and gluten free soy sauce that I just picked up at the Asian market ($2.99 for a large bottle!) 

While that was cooking, I put some frozen polluck fillets, coated in ranch dressing, in the microwave, on high, for 6 minutes. 

While the fish was in the microwave and the veggies and rice "sauting", I sliced some tofu.  I dipped it in ranch dressing, then dredged it through a concoction of coconut flour, salt and garlic powder.  Then I put it in a skilled with a little olive oil and browned the sides. 

After I was done with the tofu, I took the fish from the microwave, put it through the coconut flour mix, and put it on the pan to finish cooking. 

It was all delicious, and took about 20 minutes of total prep and pan clean up time before we ate.
This picture is of today's leftovers, to which I added some fresh pineapple.


DAY  11!!

Today, since we basically ate at the meet, I made homemade gluten free flat bread and turkey and cheese sandwiches!  They were marvelous and if all gluten free products tasted that good, I would switch myself!!! 

Here's a picture, combined with homemade pumkin seeds! 


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