Thursday, February 21, 2013

February 21, 2013

Well, I pretty much fail at consistent blogging!!!!

We are in the middle of the school year and a busy time.  Our weekday schedules involve much running around in the afternoons and evenings and leave very little time for meal preparation.

Sometimes, I make a meal in the crockpot for after swimming, which is about 7:30.

Other times, when people are everywhere in the evening, it's "every man for himself", which some are better at than others.  Last night was one such night.  I like to have a lot of eggs and cheese around for those who are so inclined.  Also, I like to have  a lot of fresh veggies and fruit.

Last nights dinner looked something like this:

Jerry:  Egg and cheese omelette,  turkey bacon, sandwich thin, mango

Joy:  Um, not sure, she was at a track meet and school, so I'm thinking apples and granola bars...

Noel:  Same as Joy, only switch out the apples for oranges and add yogurt

Dan:  Same as Noel and Joy, only I think he probably waited until Joy was at class and ate at work.  My guess is cereal.

Grandma:  Tuesday night leftovers (which were fabulous, crockpot chicken fajitas!)

Mom:  Fresh Veggies and Hummus, Mango (shared with Jerry)

So, nothing fancy, just plain simple eating.  :)

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